Fat to Fit: The Magic Strava Elixir

I started flossing in 2007. Prior to that I never flossed. Not once. My dentist, Willie DeVeas, has a hygienist that told me my “gum scores” were low, whatever that means. I had 3’s & 4’s and healthy is 1’s and 2’s. I wanted to be healthy. So now I floss, most

Fat to Fit: Making and Finding Free Time

I'm very busy. I have one wife, four kids, one business with many clients, one business partner, five team members on staff, lots of family, a few friends, a couple of boards that I serve on. I also like to write. I like movies and TV. I love to read. I'm very

Race Report: NUE Wildcat 100

The forecast for Wildcat 100 was about as promising as the forecast had been for Cohutta 100 two weeks before. It was strikingly similar: early in the week things looked semi-promising for us optimistic types and the forecast was worse every time I checked it the rest of the week.

Fat to Fit: The Ironman Story

The older I get the more I realize how important every moment is. February 21, 1982, 11 year old Greg Rittler watched the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii on NBC’s Wide World of Sports. My favorite childhood television show. I was in awe of the athletes I saw on the 19" big

My Inbox Challenge

Yesterday I received 177 emails by 5:00pm. I haven’t counted today but I’m sure I'm pushing that number already. I've received 1101 in the past seven days. That’s a lot of information. If I work 50 hours per week (fairly typical) that means I had 3,000 minutes of working time in the

Cohutta 100: UnRace Report

Here’s a synopsis of the race report I wanted to write about the 2013 Cohutta 100: “I had an awesome time at the Cohutta 100. It was brutal but I endured and finished in xx:xx time [insert a time under 10 hours]. The conditions were terrible and it was the hardest