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Appalacian Trail May ’09

The crew getting ready to leave Snake hanging from pole Kids on trail Riley bringing up the rear The next day we found a timber rattle snake wandering through camp Snake on arm Then Riley held the snake Then Seth held the snake Then Jack held the snake Then emmett held the snake Then Josh held the snake kids on rocks We
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Lacrosse Season Finale

This weekend was Aloha Tournaments Laxsplash lacrosse event. It marks the end of the Kelly Post Midget A season that Josh participated in. It was Josh's first year as a long pole and he really enjoyed playing some close defense and some long pole middie. As seasons go it was a
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Speaking of change

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Time, glass gems, and kids

In my consulting work, I often encourage visual people (you know who you are) to create images, symbols, or objects that represent something important to them and place them somewhere that they will clearly be on their mind often. I was practicing a little preaching last week. My oldest son, Caleb, will
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16 years

Elise and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last week. I took the time to reflect on our marriage and how we have experienced life together during those years. There were some big surprises when we were married. I expected us to live fairy tale lives. I am not sure why
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