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Fat to Fit: Never Forget

Greg Rittler sick in hospitalSome days change your life. Most days are forgettable. But some I won’t forget.

December 14, 2010 was a life changer.

It was routine surgery for a bad gallbladder that has been bothering me for years. It should be 45 minutes, a little recovery, then home. No big deal.

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Four hours later I woke up. It wasn’t routine. It was a big deal.

I woke up laboring for breath. They called Elise in. When she got there I knew something was wrong. My body was a mess. The outward manifestation of my health matched my insides.

I won’t forget that day. It was the beginning of a journey.

The journey continues. Three years later, today was a different day.

Today, Elise and I woke up and ran one of my favorite events in Baltimore, the Celtic Solstice. It was a great day to race in Baltimore. Like the Baltimore Marathon and the St. Patrick’s Day 5k, The Celtic Solstice is Baltimore running at it’s best.

Today, I chased a few of my super fast Adventures for the Cure (AFC) teammates as hard as I could. They are much faster than me, but I was pulled along for a great race. I was 98th overall out of 2878 people. Not too shabby. 33:37 was a new personal record (PR) for a five mile race.

Celtic Solstice Baltimore Race

Today, Elise and I went to breakfast at Johnny’s. We celebrated our fun accomplishment together. We love being together and that’s a gift. It’s even more of a gift to be healthy and enjoy being together.

Today I rode my bike in the wood with my friends from Joe’s Bike Shop. In the snow. With an obese bike (they are really called fat bikes but I think it’s cruel to call a bike fat).

In the middle of the ride it started snowing. It was beautiful. It was storybook. I’ll remember that ride for a long time.

Joe's Bike Shop Team Snow Riding

Today, I coached seven 11-12 years olds in basketball. They lost. I’m not that great of a coach. But we had a good time and they worked hard. I was able to be with my youngest gift and watch him play basketball.

My life is far from perfect. I’ve wrestled with some problems for years. Some of them I’ll wrestle with for years to come, I’m sure.

But today I’m reminded to remember.

I won’t forget December 14, 2010. And I won’t forget today for a long time.

Keep moving forward,

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I am the CEO of Blue Ocean Ideas, a creative agency in Baltimore, Maryland. My job is to clarify the strategy and take care of my team. I am married to the beautiful Elise Rittler and we have four great kids. When I’m not at Blue Ocean Ideas or with my family I am riding a bike, running, playing ultimate frisbee, eating, or sleeping. There is a little more about me here.

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