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#2 at 17 — The passage of Time

Josh_RittlerRittler kid #2 turned 17 today. Josh Rittler, or as he is known among his friends and on twitter, @Rat_Rittler. Elise and I have no idea where the nickname came from but it stuck with his friends and then family starting a while ago.

Josh is a great man. He’s hilarious, witty, and loud (at least when he’s around his friends or his Uncle Eric). He can also be sensitive to others, quiet, and pensive.

His smile is priceless. See what I mean?

And he cares about people deeply. His friends mean the world to him and sometimes he carries the weight of the world when they are hurting. Josh is spiritually hungry, and that goes a long way for anyone.

For Elise and I, Josh has always been a gift: easy to be with, fun to talk to, and our confidant at times.

Time keeps on passing. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly. Josh was born yesterday and I was 17 just a few days before that.

All of life ahead of us.

Keep moving forward,


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