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Friday Morning Gold

I’ve got a work crush on Steven Pressfield. His books on work are spot on and inspiring. Not inspiring like the inspirational speaker that you heard last month at the networking breakfast and then forgot about the next day.

Inspiring like they will shape your life if you pay attention to them.

His books on war are epic. A friend that I cycle with a couple of times a week told me recently that epic is overused for everything. This isn’t overusing the word epic. Steven’s bestselling book on war, Gates of Fire, is taught to our soldiers at West Point & in Annapolis.

When I find someone I respect I find that they surround themselves with high caliber people. So when I saw a post from Shawn Coyle on Steven’s blog I knew it would be good. I don’t know who Shawn Coyle is but I like him already.

Here’s some Friday gold for you:

Find the labor that will give your life meaning.  You may never have a million dollar beach house, but you won’t have a hard time looking in a mirror and you’ll certainly sleep better. And who knows that beach house may be in the offing too. Just don’t work for the beach house.  Work to contribute that thing you were put on this earth to leave behind. (Shawn Coyle on Steven Pressfields blog)

A friend of mine asked me about a research study on work done recently that indicated that working more than 40 hours a week caused you to be inefficient. He was looking for an opinion on whether I thought that was true or not.

My answer was that I would redefine work. A job is what you do to make money. Work is the lasting contribution that you will leave after you are gone. If you start concerning yourself with your work you will stop concerning yourself with hours.

Are you working or do you just have a job?

Keep moving forward,


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