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40 in 40: Lesson #31

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40 in 40: #31

I asked a simple question on Twitter earlier today:

“What will u do in memory of the man who gave u the most powerful device u can hold in your hand? #stevejobs

It took less than an hour for the first negative comment to come in:

“Probably the same thing I’d do in memory of a man who cancelled 100% of Apple’s philanthropic activities in 1997, and attempted to deny a child his girlfriend bore out of wedlock.”

Now it is true. Steve Jobs did those things.

And he owned up to them. One he later regretted. One he didn’t think was a mistake.

What saddened me was that the person who wrote the comment identifies himself as an orthodox Christian. Jesus taught forgiveness, patience, mercy, and grace.

Lesson #31

Judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Those words come from Jesus brother, James. I imagine he picked this up from his brother.

Steve Jobs was a flawed human being. I’m sure of that.

So am I. So are you.

In the face of his flaws he created amazing products that have blessed my life and many other lives. There’s a pretty good argument that Steve’s accomplishments may have been the greatest act of philanthropy that he could have performed.

When I was a younger man I was pretty judgmental. Until I realized just how weak and flawed I am. Approaching 40 I’m grateful for mercy and grace. I need them.

Keep moving forward,


p.s. For another great tribute to Steve check The Night the Lighthouse Went Out.

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