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5 Things I Love About Fall!


I love fall. From back to school, to Thanksgiving, Halloween, and everything in between. Here are 5 things to love about fall:

  1. Fires! There is nothing that says fall to me like a fire in the backyard to roast some s’mores over. We rarely have them in the summer, but when fall comes we stoke the fire again.
  2. The first morning when I need a jacket. I love the feeling of needing slightly more clothing on. Dont’ get me wrong, I love flip flop, shorts and a t-shirts. But when fall rolls around again and I need a jacket for the first time I love it.
  3. Backpacking. I love this all year long, but there is something great about the leaves, the mountains, the temperature, the lack of bugs, and the quiet that sets in when fall arrives that is awesome. Nights are cold in the mountains but most days you are in shorts and a t-shirt still on the trail. Sleeping is also usually better when it is chilly and you bundle up in the sleeping bag.
  4. Football! Nothing says fall like “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL”. Although I am going to make sure I don’t watch EVERY game available this year (as I have in the distant past), I love when the season begins. I watch very little TV the rest of the year, but when the NFL season begins I am an addict for a few weeks. Monday Nights are my favorite (preferably with some Bateman’s wings and Dogfish Head IPA.
  5. Nights out on the patio on the in 50 degree whether! Most people know I LOVE it outside. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. But it is the best when you can sit outside with a slight chill and watch the stars overhead. (tonight this was while grilling some burgers and handing out with Riley and Seth).

I love every fall. But I do have one more reason (the mystery number 6 reason for loving fall). 3 weeks from today I get to be one of the best men (Jeff Weaver is the other one) in the Brisa Bond wedding. That’s just icing on the cake.

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