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I have had a great time this summer spending time with the Lord in the mornings on the lake. The routine has been getting up around 6:30-7:00am getting on the water quickly, Arrowhead for coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, and then off to a spot to read, pray and memorize. I have spent most of that time memorizing Colossians 3, listening for God and trying to relearn how to to pray in the spirit and develop a prayer language.

The memory work is relatively easy and just comes from consistent effort. Learning a prayer language has been much more challenging. I spent most of the summer asking God for the gift, and the last few weeks speaking sounds. I don’t know what they are, mean, or even if they are real. After having talked to Keith and Paul and others about it I just decided to keep on speaking and see what happens. I honestly don’t feel particularly like the Spirit is speaking through me, or that something is happening other than normal sounds that don’t make sense to me. I definitely haven’t felt the release feeling that I have felt in other places where I have been broken and yielded myself, or in dreams or at times when I felt like I was going to speak in a tongue.

This has been a good opportunity to simply trust. I don’t know what is happening, I just know that I want to be fully yielded to God, I believe this gift is available to all, and it takes our initiative to cultivate. I’d like the feeling to go along with it because that makes things easy, but where is the faith in that. Faith in Jesus is enough, I’m going to continue to speak in faith.

I am going home quite full from this time with the Lord. He also gave me a word while I was out through a Bebo song called Walk Down This Mountain. It is about Peter and his experience at the transfiguration where he was wanting to create houses for Jesus and Elijah and Moses. He wanted to stay on the mountaintop. I find this to be true all the time in my life. I want my mornings on the lake to last forever. I want to stay in places where I have heard God speak, felt his presence, or been in sweet communion with someone in His presence.

However, as great as those times are and as filling in the spirit as they can be, the daily battles and plays of life are played out in real time, in the work world with employees and clients, in families with parents and children and siblings, in churches and other organizations, and with my neighbor every day. Staying on the mountain wasn’t an option for Christ, Peter, James & John, and it isn’t an option for me today. I need to remember this frequently. As Henri Nouwen said, “nothing conflicts with the love of Christ like service to Christ”. If I’m not careful I will make mountaintops my life and my life irrelevant to my faith.

Time to walk down the mountain.


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