Fat to Fit: Make 2014 The Year of the Do

I've been watching the interwebs and all of the people that are making resolutions for 2014. There are some determined people making some life changing goals out there. I'm inspired. I even have a few of my own. I only have one thing to add to the conversation. The fundamental difference between

Fat to Fit: The Thank Yous

I woke up early this morning. Woke up, made coffee, lit a fire, and started writing. There's just enough snow on the ground in Garrett County to make it a beautiful morning to sit inside by a fire looking out over Deep Creek Lake. I set out to write a recap

Fat to Fit: Never Forget

Some days change your life. Most days are forgettable. But some I won’t forget. December 14, 2010 was a life changer. It was routine surgery for a bad gallbladder that has been bothering me for years. It should be 45 minutes, a little recovery, then home. No big deal. Facebook post: Four hours later

Race Report: 2013 Baltimore Marathon

I love Baltimore. It's my hometown. It's filled with great places. And great people. I love the Baltimore Marathon. It brings my hometown, the great places, and the great people together. The 2011 Baltimore marathon was my first marathon. I STRUGGLED through my first marathon. It was war. But the next

Race Report: 2013 Shenandoah 100

I’ve heard since I started mountain bike racing about the epic Shenandoah 100 race put on by Chris Scott and Shenandoah Mountain Touring. Shenandoah was the 13th race of the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) and my 5th series race this year. The Shenandoah area is beautiful and being able